1984 George Orwell Essay

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Democracy entails the ability of people to choose leaders and live in a society where freedom and other values that bind people together are present.

Big Brother therefore, is an illusion created by the government with the objective of attaining their ill motives.

Manipulation on a psychological basis is an example of a power control tool that would be used by the party for controlling the masses (Kellner, 9).

The rationale of these manipulations according to the book is to deprive people of independence and personal choices which are instrumental in the life of any person.

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There are many questions to this tag as suggested by Orwell in the book.

By spreading fear and tension, the government would gain control easily as compared to allowing people to make personal choices.

Winston wonders about the influence of the Big Brother advocated by the government.

In a sense, people are made to believe that Big Brother is the authority mandated with protecting people while at the same time watching enemies that would seek to threaten them.


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