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‘Irony is a powerful device that Shakespeare uses to heighten the tragedy of Othello.’ In the light of this statement, discuss Shakespeare’s use of irony in the play.

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Someone asked for an idea of how to structure a Shakespeare essay for the Edexcel exam.

Here’s one I wrote this morning – it hasn’t been marked by anyone and I certainly can’t promise it’s perfect!

I’ll highlight it according to assessment objectives.

In the 1600s this was a mark of a woman’s worth and purity, and while an entirely patriarchal concept, a measure of her virtue. This juxtaposing phrase of Othello’s in act four scene two demonstrates the conflict between the virtuous image of Desdemona, and the corrupt one created by Iago.

By reserving her body for Othello alone, she conforms to the moral standards of her era, demonstrating herself as a paragon of subservience and meekness. The imagery of the “weed” is much like the lexical choice of the garden that Shakespeare makes in Iago’s speech (Act One, Scene Three), where he ridicules virtue itself – “virtue, a fig.” (Now I won’t lie, I spent about twenty minutes just staring at this fig line and wondering what it meant.Later in the play, we know that this image of her is deconstructed by Iago, and her virtuous image is destroyed… I figured I couldn’t be writing an essay on virtue, and totally ignoring a line which literally defines it.After typing “fig symbolism” and “figs what do they mean” into google multiple times, I came up with In the Bible, figs grow in the garden of Eden, and are used by Adam and Eve to cover themselves when they realise their nakedness.Use this planning and writing tool to organise your key points effectively and build up evidence to support your views on Othello: A Level.Express your ideas and boost your vocabulary with the helpful hints provided.Othello’s speech to Desdemona, we are effectively listening to Iago.While he may lambast virtue so keenly, he is also aware of its importance to the other characters.As described by Loomba in her essay “Othello, Race and Society”, the “openness of Venice could be seen as dangerous”, hence it appears possible to Othello that his wife is predisposed to sexual promiscuity. We’ve got our mock exams coming up and I’m sure that a lot of other people do.To prep for our exams, we’ve been told to work on essay plans, and so we thought we could take you on this less than riveting journey with us. The most common question we get via email is The way I’m going to doing it is just one possible route.There are loads and loads more, and I’m sure the other two bloggers would do this completely differently.Explore Shakespeare’s presentation of virtue in “Othello.” You must relate your discussion to relevant contextual factors and ideas from your critical anthology. Obviously in an exam situation you won’t have a dictionary to hand, but I find that when I’m working at home, it’s useful to write out a definition. In an essay, you’ll probably be making three or four points, so I won’t bore you with more than one. Desdemona is seen as virtuous for preserving her virginity.


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