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In A Separate Peace, the tree was branded as "off-limits" for the students at Devon, and jumping from the tree was ordinarily a severe breach of regulations (which only Finny could undergo unpunished).It was, even in Finny's case, neither encouraged nor looked kindly upon.Finny was unable to live a life where his best friend hated him.

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"He was everywhere, he enjoyed himself hugely, he laughed out loud at passing sea gulls"(39).

This line is describing Phineas, or Finny, and how he lives life to it’s fullest and seizes the day.

They were not like the average person; they trusted people blindly, could not handle the truth, and had many misconceptions of reality.

They were optimists and were great people but as Billy Joel’s song goes, “Only the Good Die Young”, for the good, Finny and Neil, are naive and vulnerable to society and therefore are incapable of living in this world.

Finny could not live with Gene being responsible for his accident and Neil could not live in military school.

Neither could imagine a life unlike the vision in their head.

Finny invents this game just on a spur of the moment, making up the rules as he goes along, you can see that he surely doesn’t want to waste any of his ability. The last example is concerning his incredible athletic ability.

Finny and Gene are in the pool one day, and they read the plaque that holds the swimming record times.

Finny is an example of living the "carpe diem" (seize the day) philosophy from the movie "Dead Poets Society." There are a few examples in the first part of this novel of how Finny takes advantage of life.

The first example is how he enjoys himself so much at the beach.


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