Acquisition Business Plan

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Mfa Creative Writing Boston - Acquisition Business Plan

Friendly acquisitions occur when the target firm agrees to be acquired; its board of directors (B of D, or board) approves of the acquisition.In corporate America, the 1990s will be remembered as the decade of the internet bubble and the megadeal.The late 1990s, in particular, spawned a series of multi-billion-dollar acquisitions not seen on Wall Street since the junk bond fests of the roaring 1980s.After the merger, AOL became the largest technology company in America.However, the joint phase lasted less than a decade.Such a company might look for promising young companies to acquire and incorporate into its revenue stream as a new way to profit.Sometimes it can be more cost-efficient for a company to purchase another company that already has implemented a new technology successfully than to spend the time and money to develop the new technology itself.If a company wants to expand its operations to another country, buying an existing company in that country could be the easiest way to enter a foreign market.The purchased business will already have its own personnel, a brand name, and other intangible assets, which could help to ensure that the acquiring company will start off in a new market with a solid base.Certainly, the AT&T-Time Warner acquisition deal of 2018 will be as historically significant as the AOL-Time Warner deal of 2000; we just can't know exactly how yet.These days, 18 years equals numerous lifetimes—especially in media, communications, and technology—and much will continue to change.


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