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Harmful drinking is when negative consequences from drinking actually occur.In addition to adverse effects on physical health and appearance, common types include legal problems, social consequences, damage to relationships, financial problems, and emotional disturbance.Memory problems are common in heavy drinkers, and the occurrence of memory blackouts is associated with brain impairment from alcohol.

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Heavy drinking is closely linked to a wide range of health problems, at least doubling the risk for heart disease, cancers of many types, and hypertension.

Risks for liver disease and for cancers of the mouth and gastrointestinal system are greatly increased by drinking above moderate levels.

What is the normal course of human development with regard to alcohol?

The answer to this question is quite specific to culture.

It has been an element central to religious observances in Judeo- Christian and other faiths, and has often been part of important social and cultural events as well.

Alcohol has held a common, even honored, place in the daily life of many cultures for thousands of years.Because alcohol is a depressant drug, depression is often caused or exacerbated by heavy drinking.In college students, drinking level has a strong and negative relationship to grade point average.Other alcohol problems are less severe—an individual experiences some negative consequences as a result of his or her drinking, but these difficulties have not impacted the individual’s overall functioning. At one end of the continuum are abstainers, those who do not drink alcohol at all, who constitute more than one-third of adults in the United States. Alcohol is involved in about half of all traffic fatalities, and a substantial proportion of fatal falls, drownings, deaths by fire, homicides, and suicides.Alcohol dependence occurs as a person develops a pattern of alcohol use that results in substantial impairment in functioning.The person’s life becomes more and more entangled with drinking.Alcoholism represents several ways in which alcohol has a negative impact on an individual’s life. Normal Development and Epidemiology of Alcohol Abuse III. Excessive drinking is also closely linked to violence, crime, injuries, and a plethora of chronic diseases.Some alcohol problems are severe and involve substantial consumption of alcohol, which results in multiple physical and psychosocial problems. The relationship of alcohol to health can thus be understood as a continuum.Acute risk has to do with the immediate effects of intoxication.Even low levels of alcohol in the bloodstream, for example, can significantly impair driving ability.


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