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” It isn't like a math problem, where there's just one answer, and it isn't like an English quiz, where they ask about just one part of the book.

Here, you get to pick a part of your life to share with the college, and what it means to you.

Think about the student who wrote about taking a plane ride.

He didn't save anybody's life, or have to land the plane all by himself without radar---it was just a plane ride.

Think about all the writing you do that has nothing to do with school. It isn't hard to write then—in fact, most students love to write then.

You put an opinion out there, someone responds, you post an answer, someone else jumps in the conversation, and suddenly, there's a real exchange of ideas going on.

Since colleges are reading the essays to get a sense of the student's “voice”, you'll want to write a personal essay that shows them how you think, how you feel, and what matters to you in the world.

The “Why Us” essay asks students to explain what they see in the college that makes it a special place to them, and how they plan on making the most of what the college has to offer.

But if they did that with every applicant, they'd need 20 years to decide who gets admitted.

Since they can't do that, they ask for your side of those conversations in writing—and just like a face-to-face conversation or a really good text discussion, the quality of the conversation in the college essay is all up to you.


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