An Event That Shaped Your Life Essay

An Event That Shaped Your Life Essay-6
She didn’t say another word but I knew she was very angry with me. We left and went and ate together before I drove home. I just said I know but how are we going to do that I don’t turn 18 til the end of August.

In my second year in secondary school, we had to pick our subjects for our GCE O levels examinations.

At that point in my life, being only fourteen, I was not really sure of which subjects were my strengths and which subjects were my weaknesses.

It was really comforting to see the progress I made in the subject.

Not only did I improve in the subject; I also felt that I had matured as a person.

I consulted my literature teacher in my school and till today, that consultation will always be a memorable one, which is very close to my heart.

Just like most teachers out there, he was very encouraging and optimistic during my consultation with him about taking up Literature. They ranged from not doing well in the subject to the results affecting where I was going to apply after my GCE O levels examinations. His exact words were, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.My family and I still talk and try to keep in touch except my mom and dad. I always thought parents were supposed to love there kids no matter what. I tried to apologize for the way things happened, but they want nothing to do with me or my two boys. I could have been grouped into that category of people if not for my Literature teacher in secondary school.I was always that student in class that rarely spoke up and participated in sharing the work I had done in front of my class.” I was definitely persuaded into doing Literature and it was also a plus point that I enjoyed reading and writing.Literature was a very different subject from the common subjects we took in school like Math and Science which were given more emphasis in school.He went on to reiterate what he had just quoted by saying “Look Kiran, Literature is a subject that encourages you to express and explain your thoughts.It could help you mature as a person and look at issues with different perspectives.Eventually, I told my Literature teacher that I was going to take a chance by doing Literature as a subject. The worst of my fears of taking up Literature came true in my first semester. Many of my peers were also facing the same problem as me.There were only twelve of us in that Literature class so we decided to help each other out by getting into pairs and analyzing the text we were studying in class.


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