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Preference for the value of education amongst elementary and secondary...

Preference for the value of education amongst elementary and secondary...more One of the most important and traditional values imparted by schools is that of education.

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The analysis showcases werewolf characters in today’s culture and what it means to be a monster by analyzing hybridity.

This study presents a three-dimensional analysis of werewolves to conceptualize the core ways monsters exhibit human and monstrous traits.

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28Twin Solitudes: Reunification of Cyprus through Transformative Education 28Struggles for Women-Inclusive Leadership in Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam: Agency and Structural Change 29Human Trafficking: Advocacy for the Human Rights of Trafficked Persons 30Muslim Perspectives on Conflict Resolution and Interfaith Peacebuilding in the Philippines: Implications for U. Muslims 30Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Peace and Religious Politics in Conflict -- Context, Problems, and Solutions 30Nature and Society: Crisis of Climate Change and Eco-Justice in Our Common Home 32Contending Approaches to Refugee Services 33Weaving Together the Lives of Refugee Women: Traditional and Alternative Refugee Services 33International Political Economy: Neoliberalism vs.One of the most important and traditional values imparted by schools is that of education.However, schools are not the only institutions which channel this value.For a more complete approach, we also included in-depth interviews with representatives of both groups of pupils in our investigation.In light of the research findings, we then compare personal value preferences with the values which have a basis in curricular and strategic documents regarding teaching and education at a statewide level.Limited research has systematically studied how werewolves are represented in the media.This content analysis focuses on how major werewolf characters are represented in 20 films.Preference for the value of education amongst elementary and secondary school pupils is strongly influenced by cultural background, represented in particular by the family or community in which the pupil is growing up.Thus the question arises of whether culture influences the preference for this value, and if so in what way.Yet this study confirms the changing representation of the werewolf.Many werewolves analyzed for this study lived amongst humans, exhibited hybrid physicality, part human and never fully wolf, retained human cognition, and formed consensual non-violent romantic relationships with humans.


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