Animal Testing Pros And Cons Argumentative Essay

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Animal testing has been proved to be beneficial regarding a lot of diseases and this cannot be denied by anyone.

Ruesch, Hans (1989) 1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection Civis: London . Some of these animals are also the ones that are abandoned and are kept in pounds or shelters (Kate Kristoff).

"Animal Research Means Medical Progress." Accessed 02 November 2012, from Ringach, D. "The Use of Nonhuman Animals in Biomedical Research" the American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Vol 342, No 4. (2004) "The use of non-human animals in research: a guide for scientists." Accessed 02 November, 2012 from controversy with regard to preclinical testing on animals, as society has reached a point where the ethics behind testing drugs on animals makes it difficult and almost impossible for researchers to continue to perform their studies. Even though testing on animals can be considered cruel by some, the reality is that it is one of the principal reasons why society as a whole was able to produce some of the drugs that helped mankind evolve rapidly during recent decades. Use of Transgenic Animals to Improve uman ealth and Animal Production. Animal Advocacy Organizations There are many local, national, and international organizations that advocate for the rights and welfare of animals, domestic and wild. Animal ights & Testing The author of this report has been asked to contrast, compare and analyze three articles that all relate to basically the same thing, that being the status and rights of animals. The Case for the Use of Animals in Biomedical Research. doi:10.1056/nejm198610023151405 Regan, T., & Singer, P.

Therefore, the question is often related to the ethical and moral nature of testing on monkeys. [Read More] References AAVVS (2012) "Problems with animal research" Accessed 02 November 2012, from OSLh K6E/b.6456997/k.3D74/Problems_with_Animal_Americans for Medical Progress (2012). Food and Drug Administration agency are unhesitant about supporting testing in animals because this is in most cases the most effective way to find out more about a drug's potential effects on a human. It would seem difficult for the Commission to make recommendations on chemical assessment without addressing the issues of the acceptability of alternatives to animal testing, and the implications of the recommendations for animal testing.

Science and Engineering Ethics, 12(1), 111- Animal Testing Negatives of Animal Testing Outweigh Its Positives and Therefore Should Not be Allowed Many cures and treatments have been developed in the last three hundred years due to advances in medical technology.

(Cover Story)." Drug Discovery & Development 13.4 (2010): 10-13. Law and Animal Experimentation: A Critical Primer'. 'Animal Experimentations: Part I: General Considerations'. There is strong evidence supporting this claim though technology today allows scientists to bypass animal testing in many cases. These developments are sometimes attributed partly to the fact that scientists and researchers have been able to use animals as "guinea pigs" for testing new medications or treatment methods before passing them to human volunteers. Animal testing or animal experimentation is a necessary evil. Others believe animal testing should cease as society evolves past the need to experiment on living creatures. It rings especially true for those who adopt a vegan lifestyle and believe animals should have the same rights as people in terms of value of life and so forth. Although animal testing has ceased in some cosmetic companies and label their goods as not animal tested, most companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, rely on animals to test drugs and vaccines in order to promote evolution of medicine but refrain from putting human lives at risk. Animal testing is a very controversial and well-researched topic. There are legislations that prevent any cruelty and thus animals are kept under humane…… Animal Testing: Cosmetics and Toiletries Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in a variety of experiments (Wikipedia, 2005) Many experiments aim to test certain substances to determine their effect on humans, or to test medical or psychological hypotheses. Scientists do not love to put animals to testing for no reason whatever. Rowan - Article Title: Ethical Review and Te Animal Care and Use Committee. The term "vivisection" is now used as a blanket term for all animal experiments, although it originally only referred to those that involved cutting the animals (Wikipedia, 2005) Many dictionaries and encyclopedias now use the term "vivisection" to describe any type of animal experiment that causes suffering, whether it involves cutting or not, although those animal experimentors dislike this trend as they feel that "vivisection" is a term that spurs emotion (Croce, 1991). [Read More] References Croce M., (1991) Pietro, Vivisection or Science - a choice to make BETA Tipografica s. [Online website] Available at Testing101.asp[Accessed on: 25/09/2005] Karen Lee Stevens - Animal Testing Alternatives. "Ethical And Scientific Considerations Regarding Animal Testing And Research." Plos One 6.9 (2011): e24059. Proponents and opponents constantly argue over both ethical concerns and the effectiveness of the practice of using animals for scientific research. [Read More] References Anonymous - Animal Testing 101.


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