Ap English Language And Composition Compare And Contrast Essay

Ap English Language And Composition Compare And Contrast Essay-22
Formal papers will be divided between expository and persuasive assignments.

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Nightly reading will often be paired with exploratory journal assignments that will serve as a starting point for our in-class dialogue.

These assignments may include free writing, annotation, response/reaction paragraphs, and imitative exercises.

Because of the difficulty of the selected works, students can expect to encounter unfamiliar words, phrases and allusions in their nightly readings, and are expected to look them up prior to class.

Each unit will include a longer work (a novel, novella, or play) in addition to shorter selected readings.

Students will have a variety of written assignments, ranging from reading responses to formal essays.

In addition to critical writings, students will be assigned a few creative and interpretive assignments to help further their understanding of a particular genre or style.The surveys will follow a chronological order, while the longer works will be assigned outside of chronology.Quizzes will cover nightly reading, vocabulary, and literary terminology, while an exam will cover each long work.However, our primary approach to text will be New Criticism, which seeks to evaluate texts as self-referential and self-contained works.Thus, we will rely on close reading as our main entryway into the analysis of each text.Written work is expected to demonstrate sophisticated vocabulary, logical organization, appropriate tone, varied sentence structure and competent grammar.College level writing values concision, specificity and depth of thought.We will build on skills from previous high school literature courses, with an emphasis on close textual analysis.We will attempt to situate works in their social and cultural context, with attention to literary movement, author biography and genre.Over the course of the year, we will prepare for the exam by taking timed, in-class practice exams.We will discuss test-taking strategies and review the scoring criteria for the essay portion of the exam.


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