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You want to show the reader the outcomes you are expecting and the context of the research that was conducted.

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Marine architecture: waterside and underwater solutions. You can research new applications for new technologies in architecture. Extraterrestrial colonization requires buildings to live, grow food and store supplies, and, of course, brave architects to design them!

It is time for us to start using this space wisely. Maybe, you can invent a gadget to analyze it, without getting your hands dirty. You could create a research program examining how to improve a landscape to suit our needs, or to fit a building into it. Modern digital technologies in architecture: new angles of integration. Extraterrestrial architecture: how to build outside Earth.

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What are some cutting edge or undiscovered methods of green structure. What kind of active living homes and housing communities have we seen or will we see?

How does urban living differ from that of more rural and suburban buildings?Architeture is the practice of designing and constructing buildings.The study of architecture analyzes all of these design methods, details, and intricacies by studying them from aesthetic, historical, emprical, and many other viewpoints.And for those who have chosen this exciting yet difficult path, here is a list of some unexpected and promising topics for a thesis according to the modern trends and research in the area. Carbon-reinforced concrete, synthetic spider web, modern polymers and other curious inventions create a great opportunity for research. Including the right amount of restrooms in large public venues2.Designing organic structures that will withstand time3. Creating architectural beauty and purpose while staying within a budget5. Updating century-old buildings without losing character7. Cathedrals: Recreating the old world on a new world budget8. Using architecture to create healthy spaces in hospitals10.A strong title will use the perfect amount of words to show the reader exactly what you are trying to prove.A weak title will mislead the reader into thinking the paper is about something else. Some biological substances can be as hard as concrete while being as flexible as rubber. Future landscape architecture: suggestions and solutions. Many modern technologies can change our perception of landscape design.


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