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He arrives at the theory that virtue is a disposition through augment by elimination.Virtue is a character trait, and character traits are part of an individual.Upon Alexander's death in 323, the anti-Macedonian party grew strong in Athens.

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Little is known about them, but scholars have recorded that his father, Nicomachus, served as the court physician to the King of Macedon.

Biographical Information Born in the Ionian colony of Stagira in Macedonia, Aristotle lost his parents at an early age.

In 342, Aristotle was appointed tutor to Philip II's thirteen-year-old son, Alexander (later known as Alexander the Great).

After remaining in the Macedonian court at Pella for some time, Aristotle probably retired to Stagira in 340, when Alexander became his father's regent.

Aristotle said that all people are composed of a combination of vice (bad character traits) and virtue (good character traits).

He uses this concept to explain the thesis: Virtue is a disposition concerned with choice.In America, it a norm for men to wear pants; skirts and dresses are typically considered women's clothing.Men could wear dresses if they wanted to, and they are physically able to do so, but most men choose not to. While earlier and contemporary philosophers are believed to have influenced Aristotle's views, he is credited with systematizing entire fields of ideas and with providing the methodology for future philosophic and scientific studies. GENERAL INTRODUCTION Aristotle wrote on a multitude of topics including metaphysics, biology, psychology, logic, and physics.Not long after, in 335, Aristotle returned to Athens and founded a school, the Lyceum.Here, Aristotle lectured, conducted research, and established a library.When Aristotle was seventeen, his guardian sent him to study in Athens, under Plato.Aristotle spent twenty years at the Academy and left after Plato's death in 347 B. After a period of travel, Aristotle married Pythias, with whom he had a daughter and probably a son, Nicomachus.Aristotle believed that dispositions are one of three groups of things that make up the soul.Feelings and capacities are the other two; they differ from dispositions in that they are not leaned responses.


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