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This is indicated when Alfarabi traveled to Damascus to gain knowledge in philosophy.

It is thought, nevertheless, that he never read Aristotle 's Politics, but Alfarabi is recognized as the "second teacher" after Aristotle.

Everything within Plato’s ideal state has a place and purpose, and everyone within it is aware of that....

[tags: aristotle, plato's ideal, utopia] - Aristotle and Plato were both great thinkers but their views on realty were different.

Aristotle being more of a practical minded individual than Plato or Socrates, he is best known for rejecting Plato 's theory of forms.

Aristotle influence such topics as logic, metaphysics, physics, botany, mathematics, ethics, biology, politics, medicine, agriculture, dance and theatre.

Aristotle and Alfarabi, thus, share several similarities in their instruction....

[tags: Political philosophy, Government, Aristotle] - Aristotle's Logical Foundation of Physiognomics ABSTRACT: Whenever we meet an unknown person, our first judgment, even unwillingly and often subconsciously, starts from his or her external appearance. At the age of fourteen, Aristotle went to Athens to study Philosophy with Plato.

While in Macedonia, Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great. E., Aristotle fled to Euboea to avoid charges and execution....

Later on in his life, Aristotle returned to Athens and created a school of him own, Lyceum. [tags: Aristotle, Causality, Soul, Philosophy] - Philosophers are all known for questioning and exploring Ideals; taking a look at all options and what is most important.


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