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However, I'm confused how an abstract [a summary of my points] is different to an intro [Where you outline the points you're going to be elaborating in the body paragraphs] Original Example: Title: They’re the unrepresented minorities in our society.

You need to remember to locate and analyse the author's argument when you are writing your critical review.

For example, you need to locate the authors' view of classroom pedagogy as presented in the book / article and not present a critique of views of classroom pedagogy in general.^ Back to top If you have been told your writing is not critical enough, it probably means that your writing treats the knowledge claims as if they are true, well supported, and applicable in the context you are writing about. In these two examples, the extracts refer to the same section of text.

This is a better example of writing which expresses criticality.^Back to top You may also be interested in our page on criticality, which covers criticality in general, and includes more critical reading questions.

Further reading: Read and Write Critically We recommend that you do not search for other university guidelines on critical reviews.


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