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For example: the default M-Files home screen contains one primary listing in the centre (listing the views), along with listings for “Recently accessed by me” and “Assigned to me”, as appropriate.

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We will use enumeration values by name, where possible, to avoid magic numbers.

Unfortunately some values are not available within M-Files Web Access, and are referred to by number for compatibility.

This means you no longer need to manually assign incoming messages, and your customers will get the best response faster.

Important: Assignment rules only work on new incoming messages that would normally appear in your unassigned inbox.

or you want all tasks created by you, assigned to you.

Right now I create tasks and have to go into each one and assign to me, so i can get an accurate view of all my open tasks.

To access your assignment rules, just select the Inbox icon from the left-hand navigation bar and click 'Automation' then, ‘Assignment rules.’ Note: Assignment rules are available with Inbox Pro.

You can use these rules to assign incoming messages to a team or teammate based on the content of the first message and/or any information about the lead, user or company that you track in Intercom.

This sample does not show how to create a local development folder or to deploy the code to the M-Files server.

It is assumed that a local development folder already exists, and that is the location in which the development is occurring.


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