Assigning A Personalised Number Plate

Assigning A Personalised Number Plate-44
As tempting as it may be to swap the plates as soon as you can and drive away with your updated car, you may get into serious trouble if pulled over by the police when displaying a registration number that is not yet registered to your vehicle.Always ensure that you have paid the DVLA fee, filled out the correct paperwork and had official confirmation of assignment before you change the registration plates on your car.

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Lastly, be aware that it is illegal to display a private number plate that has not yet been assigned to your vehicle.Since you’ll be limited based on the original registration year of your car, it’s no surprise that the dateless style is one of the most popular amongst drivers but is also the most expensive option to go for.UK private plates come in four different styles: dateless, current, prefix and suffix.It’s always a better option to go for a plate that’s more suited to your personality, or the car, rather than simply going for one which is ‘trending’ or popular at the time.A personalised number plate that’s meaningful to you will definitely be more worth your money.The DVLA will charge both an assignment fee and a fee to change the registration details on all personalised license plates.This will cover the cost of transferring ownership of the plate and assigning it to your vehicle.You have probably seen a variety of different number plate styles available whilst searching for the perfect new registration for your car.Understanding the different styles can help you determine which is best for you in terms of combinations and of course staying within your budget.In fact, the Mercedes-Benz Mc Laren on which he placed the plate cost around £200,000 less.In today’s world, drivers are limited by the letter and number combinations that are available to use on their car, so finding a special personalised registration plate at a price that suits you can be a rare occurrence.


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