Assignment Notebooks

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When they have a question or need help with an assignment, they bring their materials to me wherever I am, and I help them on the spot.

If someone else is getting help at the moment, they work on something else in their notebook until I’m free. I spent a little time making a master spreadsheet of assignments and how frequently I want each thing tackled, and I use that as a quick reference.

It’s harder to make the space when you’re writing it out by hand.

Also, writing it out means I’m constantly in touch with where each child is in each of his or her subjects.

When I’m writing my 13-year-old’s assignments out, I can tell that I’m giving her too much work when it’s taking me a while to write or the paper is filling up.

It’s so easy to just pop in one more assignment on a spreadsheet on your computer.Register for NEXT Ditch the Assignment Notebook Use all the tools in Schoology to helps students organize homework, inform parents and empower students.No more assignment notebooks to lose or be unable to read.Ditching the assignment notebook has never been easier!Join my session at Schoology NEXT this year to learn more about empowering students, keeping them organized, and informing parents in the digital age.One way this can work is for the teacher in each subject to create a calendar event for each class and list things such as what We Worked on Today, Upcoming, and Today’s homework.In this way, the teacher is posting to the student the assignments to help with home understanding.If a short video is made of in instructional strategy, this could also be included to help parents see how the concept was introduced to the students so they could further support at home.In addition, if the teacher puts due dates on assignments, tests and quizzes, these items will also show up on the calendar.The teacher would also be able to add links, information, further directions, videos, etc.


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