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An authorized agent of the copyright owner (such as an attorney or business associate) can also sign the writing. Copyright Office doesn't have forms for transfers of copyrights, so these transfers are normally made via contracts.If the owner is transferring nonexclusive rights, however, a written agreement is not required. The Copyright Office does, however, record transfers of copyrights.

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Under English law, legal transfers of copyright must be in writing and signed by or on behalf of the party making the transfer.

This free document is based upon our premium assignment of copyright template; it includes a textual credit in addition to the provisions of that template.

There is one other reason to record the transfer of copyright ownership and other documents pertaining to a copyright; addressing how to deal with conflicting transfers. If, however, the subsequent transferee had notice (constructive, actual and possibly inquiry notice), then the subsequent transferee would not have a superior interest.

Some may assume that once the seller of a copyright interest transfers ownership that seller cannot sell the same interest a second time (or if the unscrupulous seller does so, the second buyer takes nothing). Similarly, the subsequent transferee would not have a superior interest if valuable consideration was not paid, or if the prior transferee recorded its transfer within the statutory grace period of one (or two) months from execution of the prior transfer.

My client was surprised to learn that if it did not record its option (in the form of a short form option), an unscrupulous rights holder could grant the same option to the same material a second time and divest my client of its rights under the option agreement.

While my client would certainly have a claim against the unscrupulous rights holder, the damages my client could potentially collect may be limited to its out of pocket costs and expenses related to the option; no recovery of any potential profits the client could have made from the exploitation of the program based on the literary material that was the subject of the option.When you create a document instance, it will be based upon the latest version of the underlying document template at the time of creation of the instance, irrespective of your date of purchase.You can save your document instance to our servers at any time, and return to editing later.Document templates are the products available for sale on this website; whereas document instances are "clones" of the templates, which you can edit using Docular's online editor and export from the website.We will update our document templates from time to time, but this will not affect your document instances.The number of sub-licences you may grant is numerically limited and, again, the limitation corresponds to the document instance limitation. Each free template includes a textual credit for Docular and/or SEQ Legal (eg "this document was created using Docular") and you must retain that credit in all versions of the document.This is the period of the licence to use documents created using and exported from the Docular online editor. For full details of the licensing rules governing the use of Docular templates, instances and exports, see our terms and conditions.We do however limit the number of copies of a template you can create in the Docular editor, and also the number of websites / digital products with respect to which a template may be used.There are four different licences under which you can access a Docular template.There are instances where an author may want to transfer some or all of his or her copyright to another person or entity.A copyright owner's exclusive rights (either in whole or in part) can be transferred to another party, but it must be in writing and signed by the copyright owner to be considered valid.


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