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This is a mystery story, not about the murder — and rebirth — of man’s spirit. why Dagny felt so intense urge to have that bracelet? I can't understand what writer wants to convey with whole scene... 149-150 (50th anniversary edition) Anyone Help please.It is a philosophical revolution, told in the form of an action thriller of violent events, a ruthlessly brilliant plot structure and an irresistible suspense.

At that point where the creative thinkers abandoned society, society as it used to be fell down.

The moment an individual is not tested in accordance to his or her own personal abilities as well as creative potential, it will result in a significant decline in production.

They are those who are completely reliant on the creative thinkers who then turned out to be the strikers of the human mind.

The strikers on the other hand, are those people who formed, developed, and engineered the structure of the modern world.

In opposition, the author stresses her stand opposing the kind of society that robs from an individual his or her right for the reduced benefits of the majority who decide not to achieve their maximum potential possible.

The looters are those who do not utilize their individual ingenuity or power to generate wealth.

The interest of the author lies on the principles and concerns that may be articulated in action.

The novel’s course of action is built on the incorporation of values and principles of the human mind and body.

Atlas Shrugged recognizes an individual’s freedom of choice, freewill as well as his or her power to achieve the purpose for his or her existence.

An individual possessing a rational mind may be able to decide on a purpose, take actions to realize that end, and discover or design a way to achieve it.


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