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She is the whole Universe for me and I don’t even want to imagine that one day this adored person may disappear from my life. I know that my mom always takes her i Phone with her wherever she goes.At first, I didn’t understand why she took it even to a bathroom, though when I noticed that she answered my calls all the time and there were no miscalls in her phone, everything became clear.

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It seems that she is the prettiest woman in the world and the ages don’t influence her.

I know that nearly every person in the world likes his mom and considers her the best one, though I think that I am objective in this case. They are very kind even when she is in a dark humor.

My mom is a very reserved person and she tried to keep her anger inside herself, though now I understand that it was very hard to do this.

She asked me to sit next to her, embraced me, and started talking about her emotions.

Her compassionate heart never fails to support me when I’m weak, like a structure holds up a building swaying in the wind. Your mother loves you know matter what, takes care of you, and is one of a kind. My mom is the best mom because she loves me so much. If I don’t make good grades she will not buy me a game. My mommy is always there for me when I need her the most; she is the best mom because she reacts as fast as she can to me. My mother loves me to death and I feel the same way. I guess you can call her the peace keeper When my spirits wilt she is always there to bring them back up. If I make a bad set she tells me that everyone messes up. From Curtis Sanders: I feel my skateboard on the sidewalk.

She always encourages me to excel in everything I do, by praying and telling me she believes in me each and every day. Sometimes if I’m sad she doesn’t really buy me anything she just comforts me. Sometimes, if I make good grades she buys me video games. She kindly explains why what we are fighting about is pointless. So, I ran as hard as could on the last one hundred meters. In conclusion, my mom has helped me through a lot in my life. I thank her every day and I’m very thankful to have her in my life. She was a good mother for me and I started being a perfect child for her.My mom’s disapproval was always the measure of my actions.We live apart now, though her thirst to hear me every minute hasn’t become less. She is sure that she is getting older, though I usually try to over persuade her and explain that years don’t make her worse.I try to make my mom happy as often as it is possible and I buy her good and expensive presents. The last time, when such a chance appeared, I did my best to make her shine with happiness. I am pretty sure that she is getting younger and more beautiful day after day.In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13, The Sealy News received over 50 essays from sixth-grade students at Sealy Junior High School. She has been with me for 12 years, since I was in her stomach. My mom is that person that you know always has your back in every situation. “Life’s too short,” states my mother, so she fills my days with jokes and laughter. If a mother were to have a super power, it would be their love. Your mother has taken care of you since the second you were born. Don’t forget to tell your mother you love her this Mother’s Day. The students wrote about what their mothers mean to them and the importance of their role in their lives. Not only does my mom take care of me each and every day, she’s also made sure I’ll inherit enough financially even if she passes away. She has put a roof over your head, clothed you and put food on the table. From Adam Mock: Where would you be today if you didn’t have a mother figure in your life? From Miguel Buenrostro: I love my mom because she makes me happy when I’m sad. Some of the best essays are presented in the paper but we have collected all of them to be presented. In conclusion, my mom is one of a kind I’m thankful she is mine. She buys you stuff you want, takes you places and takes care of you. When you take a step back from what is in front of you, you realize what your mother has sacrificed for you. Take care.” As I get to school that message goes to my heart as I know that I am loved. She’s always quick on her feet to tend to my physical and emotional needs. Those are only three reasons why my mom is amazing. My mom is the best mom because she buys me video games and I love her for that. I love my mom because she makes me happy when I’m sad. From Blake Newsome: Does your mother mean the world to you? My mother loves me to death and I feel the same way. My mom once told me,” I love you to the moon and back”. She was there when I was throwing up, when I was up on the mound, and most of all during the lawsuit. My mother is very supportive of me in everything I do. I would not be where I am today without her love and support. Hearing her voice in my head makes me push myself harder. One may think that a real storm of abuse fell on me after that.If you think that she gave me hell after this like nearly all the moms usually do, you are wrong.


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