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People who go abroad for work also need to know English.

People who go abroad for work also need to know English.

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Satellite channels around the world telecast news and views in English.

Games and sports are telecast live and their commentaries are also broadcasted in English.

English is important for a number of reasons: In Business: English is used widely by international business community.

To communicate across national borders and maintain correspondence with overseas business parties or professionals, English is essential.

Cinemas,cartoons and other media productions are available in English.

English Culture and Literature: Knowing English gives an essay access to the vast resource of English literature.

Multinational business organizations and many international corporations ask for people who have a good working knowledge of English.

Even job advertisements in local market also require English knowing people.

For Information: In today’s world of information superhighway, English is essential for getting easy access to any information. English is the language of information technology and internet.

In Media And Entertainment: English is important for access to world media and Entertainment.


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