Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder Essay

We often try to convince someone out of their likes when they don’t match ours, be it something as trivial as movies, music, career, car choices, or something that is personal like the person someone chooses to be with.

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People are often quick to judge the world around them and label it into what is pretty or ugly.

They like what is pretty and tolerate or shun what isn’t.

Here too it is a matter of liking for a particular genre of movie.

We forget that everyone is entitled to their opinions.

"This fits with the common intuition that on the one hand, fashion models can make a fortune with their good looks, while on the other hand, friends can endlessly debate about who is attractive and who is not." She said previous research on the way people respond to faces has focused primarily on universal features of attraction.

However, in the new study they wanted to know more about where disagreements over facial attractiveness come from.When i produce from this place of truth, the results transform both creator and beholder.” ― “These two developments throw light on what is perhaps the most fundamental difference between the Renaissance and all previous periods of art.We have repeatedly seen that there were these circumstances which could compel the artist to make a distinction between the "technical" proportions and the "objective;" the influence of organic movement, the influence of perspective foreshortening, and the regard for the visual impression of the beholder.tags: attitude, beautiful, beautiful-heart, beauty, beholder, eye, heart, life, love, loving, measurements, perception, perspective, perspectives, reflection, relationships, romance, truth, ugly, ugly-face, unique “Creativity connects me to my truest self and vulnerability.There is nothing more personally liberating, than reaching for my face and peeling off the social mask that hides my; shadow self, pain and weakness.For example, people tend to prefer faces that are symmetric.Doctor Laura Germine, of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University in the US who led the study with Doctor Jeremy Wilmer, said: "We estimate that an individual's aesthetic preferences for faces agree about 50 per cent, and disagree about 50 per cent, with others.Greek mathematicians discovered that beauty is in the eye of the beholder lies in a geometrical formula called the Golden Ratio, which states that a longer triangle should have a ratio of 1.618 to its shorter base.This applies to people’s faces and a woman’s waist to hip ratio.And it is the Renaissance which, for the first time, not only affirms but formally legitimizes and rationalizes these three forms of subjectivity.” ― “Without imagination, things were only as they appeared - and that was blindness. When he considered an oak tree, it was not just a tree.The researchers, whose findings were published in the journal Current Biology, said some aspects of attractiveness are pretty universal - and may even be coded into our genes.


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