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Despite this more enlightened attitude, when Pinky's future in-laws mistake Jess laughing with Jules for Jess kissing a "Gura" they wish to call off the marriage.Homosexuality is not widely accepted by the Asian community in this film - and, Jess's friend (Tony) does not want anybody other than Jess to know of his affinity to men. Joe: And I don't fancy being busted by your dad again.

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Jess (Parminder Nagra) is a young woman from a Sikh family, dreaming of playing football and in total discordance with her traditional family values.

When Jess secretly decides to join a girls' football team, she is opening herself to the eventuality to play professionally someday, to develop a friendship with Jules (Keira Knightley), one of her team players, and to become infatuated with her male coach, Joe (Jonathan Rhys-Meyer), revolutionizing her family-culture concept of life".

Joe is an Irish Christian- and so marrying him would be against the family's wishes. They have no problems with whoever Jess falls in love with. Conclusion Tony reacts by saying "Can't you just see them for who they are?

" As Tony shows, his friends are seeing the women only for their bodies - judging them on appearance - on their "sexiness"- rather than their characters. Jess's father states that when he went to a cricket club, they "mocked me just because of this [a turban]".

Her family, who follow the Sikh faith, do not want Jess to play football, and jess naturally wishes to continue playing her favourite sport.

After a shopping trip to get clothes for Jess's soon-to-be-married sister Pinky, Jess plays football in a park and is spotted by Jules, a British female who plays for the local female footy team.

These changes come from the results of the disintegration of the British Empire, the expansion of the Commonwealth and the movement of people from various nationalities, languages and cultures.

These phenomena have supported the progressive globalization of life and conceived a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, with a strong plurality of identities and heritages.

We will start here by getting an overall of those cultures.

Since the 1950s Britain has gone through an intense period of accelerated social and cultural transitions.


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