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Some of his articles and book reviews began appearing in the Pall Mall Gazette in 1885.He wrote as music critic under the pseudonym Corno di Bassetto.

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His sister Agnes died of tuberculosis in 1876, the same year that Bernhard (he dropped the use of his first name George at this time) moved out of his father's home and travelled to London, England, where his mother had moved a few years earlier to teach singing. This led him to write critiques and essays on various subjects, often with irony and humour.

Emerging themes in his works were marriage, education, politics, class struggle, and religion.

George Bernard Shaw was an aggressive and energetic public speaker. Some of his most famous plays are: Many of Shaw's plays reflected his childhood. When he was just short of his sixteenth birthday, his mother left with his sister.

His father then sent him to school, which Shaw hated profoundly. Soon after he becoming a theatre critic, he quite and became a director of a progressive private new-play society called The Independent Theatre.

He wrote many plays there, that he hoped to be produced.

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Sadly, the theatre only chose to produce a handful.At the age of sixteen he was receiving a fairly decent wage but he found the work tedious. While living with her Shaw was now able to pursue his interest in the arts by visiting galleries and museums.He also realised the odious disparity among the classes, the daily struggles of the have-nots. He did manage to go to the theatre, read literature, and immerse himself in the poetry of Lord George Gordon Byron and William Blake. He furthered his studies at the British Museum attending lectures.His mother was especially busy with her music but her love of art, theatre, literature, and music had a positive affect on her only son. He was tutored by an uncle for a time and attended various schools in Dublin, although he soon developed a distaste for institutionalised learning, likening them to prisons."Liberty is the breath of life to nations; and liberty is the one thing that parents, schoolmasters, and rulers spend their lives in extirpating for the sake of an immediately quiet and finally disastrous life."--"Treatise On Parents And Children" (1910) Shaw's first employment was as cashier with a land agent where he conducted tasks such as book keeping and rent collection.Summers spent in the countryside greatly contributed to the development of Shaw's imaginative inner life.He was very happy at these times despite being raised by somewhat detached parents.These plays included: After he began his career as a novelist at the theatre of Ibsen.He wrote and performed many plays, such as Quintessence of Ibsenism in 1891.George Bernard Shaw is a famous writer who was born in Dublin around 1856.He founded the Fabian Society, an English political party.


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