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Business Emergency Plan-31
Having a disaster preparedness guide is one of the easiest ways to help ensure your business survives and recovers.Business require special measures to protect their operations, infrastructure, and workers from any potential harmful effects an emergency could cause.Some of this damage is associated to infrastructure and specially buildings and general constructions.

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These plans include different stages such as facility protection, in which business owners or managers can take steps to identify potential hazards and make changes to prevent, mitigate or control them, and the creation of planning guidelines of emergency management, covering topics such as evacuation plans, procedures, shelter, fire safety, and disaster kits among others.

This webpage provides business access to different resources.

Case studies of sheltering in place during previous chemical emergencies are available for consultation, as well as, scientific studies of sheltering as a protective action.

Shelter In Place Information Center (National Institute for Chemical Studies)Man caused and natural disasters can cause economic and social damage.

General emergency management resources Emergencies have usually negative social and economic impacts.

A comprehensive plan for dealing with emergency events should include specific instructions to building occupants, actions to be taken by facility management, and first responder notification procedures.

Emergency Management for Business and Industry The national fire protection association provides a standard on continuity, emergency and crisis management that has been adopted by different entities.

This standard establishes a common set of criteria for disaster/emergency management and business continuity programs.

NFPA 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs Evacuation and shelter resources and tools This e Tool contains information regarding evacuation plans and procedures for emergency response.

The objective of this e Tool is to help small, low-hazard service or retail businesses implement an emergency action plan.


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