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However, a PIP is generally limited to bottom performers only or those who fall below some sort of achievement mark, like a quota.In addition, a PIP is rarely used for employees on probation as they’re still learning.So, while Forbes views PIPs as a negative tool, SHRM makes a valid point that they can also be used as insight for the company to figure out where they have failed their employee and create a feedback process from both sides.

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For example, one company I worked with put people on a PIP when they were below their weekly quota for more than 2 weeks in a row.

They chose that because they recognize that everyone has a bad week every now and then, but 2 weeks in a row is when it’s becoming a pattern.

This will enable managers to track progress and have deeper insight into how their employees are doing.

Zoho People offers a free way to record performance improvement plans and store employee records for up to 5 employees.

While not the most glorious part of a performance improvement plan, this is a necessary aspect for you as a business owner so that you can defend a wrongful termination lawsuit or prepare for a fire someone.

A PIP can be a good solution if you don’t currently have a performance review system in place (and it can spur you into action into creating one to compliment your PIPs).If you have a progressive discipline policy, you could look at a PIP as the equivalent of a written warning and it should have the same qualities of a written warning — a specific issue pointed out, the resolution expected, and the timeline for next steps.SHRM makes some excellent points on performance improvement plans, including that they should beg the questions of: SHRM continues to point out that a good PIP will allow for an open dialog and feedback from the employee to help determine whether the employee has been provided all the tools and resources necessary for him or her to be successful.Some ideas for helpful options for PIPs: Get to work on what you said the PIP would include and get the employee going.Encourage the employee along the way and encourage good behaviors in them with verbal and informal feedback.A performance improvement plan is an HR-term for a development plan that usually is given to underperforming employees as a form of probation.Akin to a written warning, a performance improvement plan, or PIP, is being used by more companies who realize that showing a path to success and setting goals for underperforming employees is more helpful than just “writing someone up”.Let’s now figure out how you can execute them at your business.If you are wondering how you can put PIPs into place in your business, you should follow the next 7 steps: Before you put performance improvement plans in place, you need to be documenting performance in some form, be it set metrics, goals, probationary objectives, job descriptions, or against performance reviews.A PDP does not usually have a specific performance parameter and is a tool more likely used to lift already good performance higher.So what is the motivation behind a performance improvement plan?


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