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Its content and format is determined both by the business’s goals and by the intended audience.

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The following are the nine sections of a traditional business plan identified by the SBA: The following is a collection of sample business plans.

Writing a great plan doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but it does reduce the potential for failure in the long run.

A well thought out and researched business plan is the cornerstone to starting and running a business.

It’s a great way to think your company through, identify weaknesses in your business concept, and discover new opportunities that you didn’t see before.

A good business plan will put you on the path to success and help you create contingency plans to deal with speed bumps.

Also, a business plan is absolutely necessary if you want to convince investors and lenders to finance your business.

Thankfully, there are business plan templates for every industry (from third-wave coffee shops to construction conglomerates) and every area (from Kansas, Missouri to the southern border).

The length and contents of your business plan largely depends on what you need it for.

An investor-ready business plan will look different from a business plan that is for internal use only.


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