Carbon Monoxide Research Paper

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There is currently very little tailored support for people in this situation.

Carbon monoxide is common; our bodies generate very small, measurable amounts.

There is, however, a general lack of knowledge about the dangers of carbon monoxide among both the general public and the scientific community.

We know the most about acute poisoning; we have some understanding of the wide range of symptoms and after effects that people who are poisoned in a single episode to a large amount of carbon monoxide suffer.

People who have been poisoned may therefore suffer from neurological or cognitive deficits, psychological effects and cardiovascular issues.

Cruelly, such symptoms may occur weeks after initial poisoning symptoms have abated, and for some people they will be permanent.

Carbon monoxide audible alarms and monitors also need to be in place, even in households that only use electricity as fuel, as carbon monoxide can travel between properties.

Currently, less than half of UK households have a carbon monoxide alarm, compared with around three quarters of Australian homes.

One sufferer I’ve spoken to has had to change her career entirely, as she could no longer cope with the demands of running her own, previously very successful, business.

A young teacher I met with struggles with hyperacuity, meaning that she has become extremely and painfully sensitive to all loud noises.


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