Charles Beard Framing Constitution Thesis

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Also there were many members of the Constitutional Conventions who were not wealthy land owners and there were many wealthy men who opposed the Constitution.The framers left these powers with the Federal Government, of which they were supposedly in control of.Beard felt these elite men were conspiring to take even more power from the common man to better themselves. It seems like the framers really did do a good job at protecting the rights of average citizens.Klarman seeks to understand why the Framers produced such an undemocratic plan in the first place, and how they managed to get it approved over strong opposition in the state conventions.At the risk of oversimplifying—the book comes in at more than 800 pages—Klarman argues that the Constitution is undemocratic because it was designed to protect wealthy merchants and landowners from the redistributive tendencies of popular government.He then compared this to a small group of creditors protecting themselves against the masses that owed them money.This is also why the constitution had clauses limiting the states control over money lending and circulation.Few people in the state ratifying conventions shared Wilson’s enthusiasm.The proposed government was less democratic than either the Articles of Confederation or the individual state constitutions.While the convention nearly broke down several times over slavery and the apportionment of representation among the states, by late September the delegates had achieved their goal and produced a new constitution—the one Americans still live with.No delegate was completely satisfied with the process or the results; of the 55 who attended the convention only 39 signed the finished document.


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