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Each stage is characterized by a psychosocial crisis of these two conflicting forces (as shown in the table below).

For example, a child who enjoys music may like to play with the radio.

Children who enjoy the outdoors may be interested in animals and plants.

Trust as defined by Erikson is "an essential truthfulness of others as well as a fundamental sense of one's own trustworthiness."[4] The infant depends on the parents, especially the mother, for sustenance and comfort.

The child's relative understanding of world and society come from the parents and their interaction with the child.

They begin to feed themselves, wash and dress themselves, and use the bathroom.

If caregivers encourage self-sufficient behavior, toddlers develop a sense of autonomy—a sense of being able to handle…

It is in the family that he acquires many of the social patterns, habits, manners and attitudes which determine his future adjustment.

Again it is here that he learns how to speak, talk, eat, wear clothes, live neatly and greet others respectfully.

While negative, having some experience with mistrust allows the infant to gain an understanding of what constitutes dangerous situations later in life.[5] Will: Autonomy vs.

Shame & Doubt (Muscular-Anal, 2-4 years)[edit] Existential Question: Is It OK to Be Me?


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