Child Care Centre Business Plan

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Are you a early childhood educator with a passion for working with children?Do you have a strong interest in maintaining cultural heritage amongst youngsters?

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Click below to download it now then keep reading for how to use it!

I do want to mention that yes you are going to need to invest a little time and money right now but the rewards will be many once you have your basic marketing system in place and know how to tweak it when necessary to bring in that consistent and healthy income from enrolments.

Because I have been there, done that in both the centre and family day care professions always with limited time and a small budget.

I’m not saying it’s easy but we are talking about your business.

Get up to $60,000 in financial support, and the support of one of our 3,000 mentors.

Putting in place a child care marketing strategy is often thought of as a time consuming and expensive process that educators, leaders and directors often only want to focus on 1 or 2 times a year …then complain when nothing seems to work and the vacancies remain!Yes you love working with children…BUT, you are also running a business whether that is as a sole operator running a family day care from home or a community or commercial long day care centre.You need to compete in today’s growing early years market. You have to clearly show WHY you should be a parent or carer’s first choice to visit.Drop the ball and those vacancies and the possibility of negative word of mouth comments spreading and hurting your business begin to grow (I probably need to step away from the kids more to help me stop using those play analogies! Regular readers of my blog know that I love to simplify those tasks that educators often tell me are overwhelming so I’ve made a list of strategies (with a simple breakdown of how to best use each one) to help get you started.Not all will suit your service or personal style obviously but that is why you are going to create your own using my free guide and marketing template.So at times you need to take the sunhat off and put the x-ray googles on instead. Involve Everyone in the overall (and ongoing) marketing strategy.This is not just about the educators working in your service (if in family day care it’s not just about you either! A successful and consistent marketing strategy that brings in results for you will depend to a large degree on everyone that is involved in your service being clear about the marketing actions, behaviour, goals, and work quality expectations.Our example focuses on a company that offers a daycare enrichment program, but it will work as a framework no matter what childcare services you are offering.Click the ‘Download Tool’ button to gain access to the word you better make sure they match and are consistent because your credibility quickly becomes part of your brand!So how do you start the process of building a brand for yourself? There are many tactics you can use to help get your brand out there and keep those new enrolments coming in.


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