Chirstmas Essay

Chirstmas Essay-49
Kindly go through the points and recite them during the school function to earn laurels. 2) We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas. 6) Children wait for Santa Clause to visit their house.3) People sing, dance, and meet each other during Christmas. 7) Santa drops gifts for the children in the middle of the night.These lines will act as an additional source of knowledge on the festival.

6) Red, White, Green, Gold, Blue and Purple are the main colors associated with Christmas celebrations with each color having a special meaning.

3) The nativity of Christmas is the depiction of the birth of Jesus by using various idols or through art and paintings, which is very common scenario on Christmas.

4) Christmas is celebrated for twelve days known as Twelvetide, which celebrates the nativity of Jesus, from 25 January.

4) Many people use idols to depict the nativity of Jesus Christ in their homes or offices to celebrate the festival.

5) The celebration of Christmas in the Holy Vatican City is very mesmerizing and tranquil when the complete city bathes with sparkling decoration with one of the world’s tallest Christmas tree.


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