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The inhabitants depends on rain water, well water and sometimes surface water for consumption.

The inhabitants depends on rain water, well water and sometimes surface water for consumption.Improper treatment of water gotten from these sources, can lead to the spread of water borne diseases, because, sometimes the water gotten from these sources are turbid.

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Some studies are empirical while others are non-empirical.

Your topic should consider the most appropriate approach, considering everything from the level of detail your topic and course requires.

This section should list the written works (articles, essays, reports, etc.) you intend on referencing or consulting in your research.

This is an important component of the proposal because it gives your advisor a clearer idea about your approach and could lead to some additional reading recommendations.

Here is a list of few dissertation topics that could help you out.

On the basis of Soil: In soil mechanics, we study about the various properties of the soil to be used for various engineering construction works.

Dissertations are expected to deliver new and unique content.

Even if the idea is not new, the information should open the scope of further research and development.


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