Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay

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College basketball games, the World Series, and the Super Bowl are all social events that family and friends come together to watch regularly.

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[1] Here, in this blog, we will be looking at why America has been so reluctant to accept this “universal” sport, what soccer culture actually looks like in America, and how it has evolved in recent times. Around the world, soccer is ubiquitous; it exists in the streets, in the prisons, in backyards, in dirt and in stadiums.

One could say that this is also true for soccer in the United States as well.

In a soccer match, some of the best plays and true beauty of the sport may be seen in the times not directly resulting in goal.

When this appreciation of the true beauty is missing, there is no doubt that the 90-plus minutes of a low-scoring game will result in some very bored viewers.

When I was just five, my father brought me to my first soccer match...

Photo retrieved from: Top Drawer" data-medium-file="https://edu/wcwp/files/2013/12/us-soccer-photo-21-300x148.jpg" data-large-file="https://edu/wcwp/files/2013/12/us-soccer-photo-21.jpg" class="size-medium wp-image-9949" src=" alt="us-soccer-photo-21" width="300" height="148" srcset="https://edu/wcwp/files/2013/12/us-soccer-photo-21-300x148300w, https://edu/wcwp/files/2013/12/us-soccer-photo-21640w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / By Julianna Miller and Bryan Silverman Soccer is often considered to be a universal language, spoken around the world.[2] While there are a massive amount of Americans who play the game, these numbers do not carry over into soccer fandom in the United States. Americans have developed a fixation with “purely traditional” American sports, such as football, baseball and basketball.The United States has immense success with these sports, especially on a global scale.Soccer has become a custom that almost every American family has felt connected to or been a part of in some way or another.Nonetheless, this omnipresence of soccer in a society and culture in countries around the world, is not comparable to the soccer culture in the United States.It is interesting to note, however, that the lack of beauty would be expected if there was a lack of participation in playing at the youth level.However, we do see lots of youth participation, so the beauty that is not appreciated is a bit paradoxical.When you think of the sports culture that exists in our country, you immediately think of basketball, baseball and American football.These sports have become an integral part of American society’s culture.Over 13 million Americans play soccer in the United States, making it the “third most played team sport in the United States”.In addition, there were about 24 million American viewers of the World Cup Final in 2010.


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