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When a writer contrasts two things, he or she explains ways in which they are different.After completing a unit of study on where people live, students should be able to provide several details about how life on a farm can be vastly different from life in a city.Again, compare and contrast essays can cover almost any topic and may pop up in a variety of subject areas.

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It can be effective to use very specific examples, questions, and citations to make a point.

A compare and contrast essay is generally structured in one of two ways.

Something like: While city life and farm life have few similarities, city life provides the hustle and bustle of many people, distinct noises, and social opportunities that are different from that of farm life.

If this is the writer's thesis statement, then the essay should focus on details that are relevant to the hustle and bustle of city life, noises, and social activities available in the city versus on a farm.

Prewriting allows the writer to get ideas and details down on paper before writing paragraphs.

A Venn diagram can be used to sort the information.

A Venn diagram is an organizational tool formed by two overlapping circles that compare two subjects. Characteristics unique to each subject are written in the non-overlapping parts of the circle, while any similar characteristics are listed in the overlapping part.

For the social studies essay, start filling the Venn diagram in with what was learned about farm life and city life. Maybe that list includes items like working with farm animals, working with farm machinery, being outdoors, self-sufficiency, fewer neighbors, etc.

The choices for writing or assigning a compare and contrast essay are almost endless.

Once the topic or the essay is assigned or chosen, brainstorm the qualities of each subject, then move on to some prewriting.


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