Comparison And Contrast Essay On Men And Women

As mothers of kindergarteners and mothers of college students are mourning the transition of their children from the nest to school, I started looking back through the archives for columns about both of those topics, but I got distracted by this essay I found that Bret had written for a college composition class.

With his wedding approaching, I found it especially noteworthy.

It takes women hours to apply all of that stuff to their bodies. They lose a lot of sleep on the other end too because it takes so long to take off all of their daytime beauty products and put on their night time beauty products.

Men probably average two hours more of sleep per night than women, because we can be ready in a quick shower plus three minutes tops. Maybe if they just got that couple extra hours of sleep, they wouldn’t need all of that warpaint to cover up the bags, dark circles, and ugly blemishes that only they seem to be able to see. ground beef l large white onion, choppped Brown and drain off grease before adding: 1 large can stewed tomatoes in chunks 2 large cans S and W kidney beans, rinsed Bring chili to a boil, and it is ready to serve in just 20 minutes from start to finish.

Women do not realize how irritating they are when they are concerned about doing housework or laundry while men are trying to enjoy their one day off.

The remote control is also something that women don’t understand.Women” that I just have to share again as his proud mother who is going to hand him over to the love of his life very soon. Women There is a book called “Men Are from Mars; Women Are from Venus” or maybe it was the other way around, but it doesn’t matter.The point is that men and women are supposed to be the same species, but they might as well live on different planets.Usually we were going somewhere, because they had tricked us into going to something like a church potluck or some other event just as fun.If we had the money my sister spends at Bath and Body and in the Health and Beauty section at Wal-Mart, we could have had another four wheeler or something practical like that. Probably part of the reason that women are often in a bad mood is not hormones, it is that they are sleep deprived because they are spending so much time becoming beautiful.We had to put all the rest of her stuff like her t.v. I packed two weeks worth of pants, shirts, socks, and underwear.I own two pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots, and I left half of them home.Women have some strange idea that clothes and especially shoes are the top priority in their lives.When my sister moved to college, only her clothes would fit in the car. When I moved to college, all of my stuff including my appliances fit in the car with room to spare for my parents and me.I know I am supposed to write some kind of great conclusion to this essay because it’s worth 20 points, but the only thing I can think of to conclude from this comparison/contrast analysis is that I don’t think I will ever be in touch with my feminine side! ” My featured cook this week is long-time reader and recipe contributor, Louise Ahart of Marysville, California. Serve with French bread that has been sliced in 3/4 inch slices, buttered, dusted with garlic powder, and broiled just until golden.Bret does know how to cook, but I don’t have any of his recipes to share. I thought the worst, because it was very early for a call from a college student. Louise’s Crockpot Shoulder Roast (Louise notes: Have your butcher cut a shoulder roast in half.


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