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Perhaps written comparison and contrast will become a little easier if we review some ideas about purpose and organization.

--trying to see which of two or more items is the best, or the most desirable, or whatever.

Before you start a writing process, you brainstorm your topic and find some outstanding characteristics of two objects.

Those things have to be contrasting enough to be compared.

Some writers, though, manage to remain neutral or objective in this kind of comparison, as if it doesn't matter to them which of the items comes out best.

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Another purpose of comparison-contrast is --trying to get a clearer picture or better appreciation of items, events or people, by comparing and contrasting them to other items, events or people that are in some way similar. In the introduction, you form a thesis of your essay and present the subject of a further discussion to your audience.This part must be compelling enough to motivate people to read the main body.You should explain why it is interesting to reflect on these particular objects and pick strong arguments.In the essay, you may prove why Apple, in your opinion, is better than Microsoft.Every thought can be important, so note everything that comes to mind and move on to the next step.The standard template for all essays is a basic scheme Introduction – Main Body – Conclusion.With this kind of purpose, comparison often stresses the advantages of one item and the disadvantages of the other, treating the items as if they are in competition with each other. Sometimes the tone may become almost argumentative, as if the writer is trying to "prove" that his judgment or evaluation is correct. With an introduction up front and a conclusion on the end, we'd have a five-paragraph theme. [Outside the artificial situation of the composition course, a comparison-contrast essay like this might examine two, or four, or even five or six criteria in this same fashion; and each criterion might be explored in a group of paragraphs, rather than just one.] When the items being compared are very different (as, for example, two people might be), or when we have very many criteria to consider, the point-by-point pattern doesn't work very well.


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