Computer S Addiction Essay

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No one would deny the importance of computer in modern life and the importance of Internet, in particular, but their properties that promote addictive behaviors and in case of Internet – pseudo-intimate interpersonal relationships should not be neglected.

Cyberspace that computers and Internet create may result in cyber disorders such as virtual relationships that evolve into online marital infidelity or online sexually compulsive behaviors.

‘My school work suffers’, ‘It was an impediment to my degree, I should have been reading books’, ‘It detracts from my schoolwork’, ‘I did very poorly at university in the first two years – it was detrimental to my coursework and I nearly got thrown out for hacking into the university’s Prime system’ were the most common answers of those who realized that they were achieving lower standards academically (Shotton 212).

But along with these statements the students showed their certainty about the fact that they were more likely to find jobs related to computing than to the spheres they were prepared for at their educational establishments, due to constant work at computer they felt confident in this sphere.

An increasing mental health concern, cyber disorders such as Internet addiction disorder (IAD), also known as pathologic Internet use (PIU) have been identified to diagnose serious issues related to Internet use (Young & Rogers 25).

The side effects of Internet addiction will be discussed below, whereas at the beginning the general considerations as for the term ‘computer addiction’ are offered.

One of the values of Shotton’s research is that the author conducts investigation that proves existence of computer dependency through obtaining the facts of this existence from a number of sources, namely, existing literature on the problem, the authors of the literature and other psychologists, computer studies teachers, and professional care agencies.

Personal contact was made with people who worked with computers and average computer users.

Some interviewees spoke of the negative effects that their computer addiction had on their employment.

One person admitted that in the past he had spent time playing with the computer while he was at work.


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