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Economically as noted by Gwartney et al., production process entails conversion of inputs such as labor, capital and raw materials into valuable products (54).

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Essentially, the optimal point of physical capital is production of goods and services.

Studies indicate that United States’ long run economic growth is largely contributed by the human capital, technology and the physical capital.

The good parts of the timber are segmented out into “blocks” to be milled.

“If it wasn’t for us, these logs would go right into a chipper,” says Ross Stock. 2 or better is deemed of high enough quality to be used in construction. 1 graded board is pretty enough to be sold at retail stores, such as Home Depot.

Ruiz Construction Company is a family owned company and a recognized corporation of producing high quality services and products.

It is a general building construction and has wide experience and expertise in engineering related works as well as estate development.Ross Stock says they don’t bother with producing lumber for retail stores and sell their higher grade (2 and up) studs wholesale to construction companies.Once graded the lumber is bundled for delivery to customers.Through research, economic application of the physical capital to the production processes in most vital industries provide a conclusion as to why some states are richer than others, and the significant sources of economic development (Anon, 5).Ruiz Construction Company is an example of a real company where physical capital has dominated the production process.The workforce expands and contracts as market conditions dictate.Currently about 85 people work over two shifts running four days a week.Industries in the contemporary production depend on physical capital and technologies to increase production.Construction industry is one of key development initiatives that physical capital through machinery and technologies has impacted.Modern construction companies are investing in physical capital since it is efficient and an effective way of producing quality products.Traditional methods of construction were labor intensive.


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