Creative Approaches To Problem Solving

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Those that are faced with challenges often need to be able to respond to these challenges in a unique way in order successfully overcome them.

If you can prove that you’re someone that can create some type of creative approach to any problem, you’ll also be someone that employers would love to have working for their organization. Ideally you have proof of some creative experience that you had in the past that shows that you know what it takes to problem solve, and that you have the ability to provide a unique approach to the role.

Despite its age, this model remains a valuable approach to problem solving. Read our article, 5 Whys, for more on getting to the root of a problem quickly.

The early Osborn-Parnes model inspired a number of other tools. Once you've identified and understood the problem, you can collect information about it and develop a clear understanding of it.

You kneel down, open up the vacuum cleaner, and pull out the bag. James Dyson, inventor and founder of Dyson® vacuum cleaners, had exactly the same problem, and he used creative problem solving to find the answer.

While many companies focused on developing a better vacuum cleaner filter, he realized that he had to think differently and find a more creative solution.However, what I will say is that I strongly believe that unique problems require unique solutions.If I’m faced with a challenge that can’t be solved by any traditional means, I make it a goal of mine to try to determine the exact issues that need to be addressed, and then I openly explore all the potential solutions regardless of whether they have been used in the past – sometimes more than once, because I know that whatever I find may become the ‘go to’ solution in the future.Divergent thinking is the process of generating lots of potential solutions and possibilities, otherwise known as brainstorming. However, this is a chance to use your creativity This is the convergent stage of CPS, where you begin to focus on evaluating all of your possible options and come up with solutions.And convergent thinking involves evaluating those options and choosing the most promising one. Analyze whether potential solutions meet your needs and criteria, and decide whether you can implement them successfully.To improve your products, services, communications, and interpersonal skills, and for you and your organization to excel, you need to encourage creative thinking and find innovative solutions that work. Generate ideas that answer the challenge questions you identified in step 1.CPS asks you to separate your "divergent" and "convergent" thinking as a way to do this. It can be tempting to consider solutions that you've tried before, as our minds tend to return to habitual thinking patterns that stop us from producing new ideas.Imagine that you're vacuuming your house in a hurry because you've got friends coming over.Frustratingly, you're working hard but you're not getting very far. Coughing, you empty it and wonder why vacuum cleaners with bags still exist!Any time you’re in an interview for a job that requires decision making you should consider an answer to this type of question.But what if you have not had to come up with a creative solution to a problem in the past?


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