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Writing Degrees: Bachelors, Associates & Online Course Info What will you learn in a writing degree program?

Read about the degree requirements, pros and cons of an associate's and bachelor's degree, as well...

Examples are provided on the website's assignments section. Other writing exercises are provided in the course lecture notes. You will also need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to access the lecture notes and assignments.

This non-credit OCW class illustrates writing techniques by using writing projects, readings and study materials.

You can learn how to create stories by using the course's writing exercises, required readings and workshops.

Methods for analyzing stories, discovering narrative techniques and developing your thought process are included.

Yale University offers a free online course in modern poetry.

Texts include The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry. 1, Modern Poetry, in addition to selections from the course packet, with readings from The Complete Poems of Elizabeth Bishop and Selected Poems from Ezra Pound.

feature self-study courses like “Storytelling Fundamentals: Character, Conflict, Context, Craft” with Daniel José Older, and “Fundamentals of Free Writing: Opening the Floodgates to Your Creative Genius” with Aubrey Gail Ferreira.

Coursera provides access to online courses from established institutions to students around the world.


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