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Luka Katic is now a third year DPhil student of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford.In his work he focuses on social emotions such as guilt and shame, particularly the interpersonal and evolutionary function of guilt, self-punishment as a form of social signalling, and the interplay between guilt, apology and interpersonal relationships.

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She then completed her DPhil in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, investigating the role of schizophrenia-relevant genes in the generation of body clocks, sleep, and cognition.

Her teaching experiences include teaching English in India as well as current affairs to students in Singapore.

Read on to learn about the various classes offered in this field of study.

Creative writing courses expose students to a variety of types of writing and provide them with opportunities to create their own works.

He now resides in Oxford where he balances tutoring with a move to becoming a full-time writer with the completion of his first major work. Gauri Ang completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences in University College London, where she learnt about the workings of the human body.

During her second year at university, she participated in a summer internship at the University of Cambridge, where she investigated the roles of certain genes in learning and memory.

During his master in business negotiations, he became more interested in how emotions effect our decision making, and the human mind in general.

This is when he enrolled master studies in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna.

Our tutors are highly experienced teachers and motivated academics from Oxford.

They will guide you to think more deeply about your subject and gain academic maturity before you apply to university.


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