Critical Thinking Notes

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Being able to understand and create structured, reasoned arguments is central to critical thinking.

Try to constantly evaluate what you read, hear, think, experience and observe.

You then reveal the information one step at a time in hopes of promoting inferencing, theory development and revision, and other hallmarks of critical thinking.

The step-by-step process we’ve provided is meant to support how the students would encounter the information in a classroom lesson.

Recall, the point of the activity is to introduce the true nature of the concept, rather than to simply define it.

We used the same color Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in 3in x 3in size to represent the You would then place these Super Sticky Notes in groups at the front of the class in the center, where students can visualize them as clues.

This will keep you focused and help you to understand it. When reading a text containing an argument, try to evaluate whether it makes sense and is well supported. Make sure that your writing is clear and your argument well structured. In terms of developing my critical thinking, I look at the subject or topic matter and then I try to understand the basic background first. And at the end of the reading you should be able to have kept those things at the back of your mind and have developed your own critical thinking which may agree with what the author has said or completely the opposite but it really depends on looking at the angles of the text, the subject matter and what the subject matter means to you.

When I go to the reading I have to keep reminding myself whilst reading what the angle is of the author who has written this. What are they attempting to make us question while reading it?

They feel that it's disrespectful to challenge established academics.

In fact, it is essential to critique what you read - but always make sure you back up your argument with evidence.


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