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Bear in mind that a conclusion cannot be an assumption.For the interpretation questions of the Watson Glaser test, you need to understand the significance of a piece of information and apply it logically.

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The key to answering these questions is to disregard your personal opinion and think logically.

Should all young adults in the United Kingdom go on to higher education at university?

You must assume that all of the information in these statements is true and not use any outside knowledge to inform your answer.

The statement is then followed by a series of inferences relating to it.

The Watson Glaser tests a candidate’s ability to: The Watson Glaser test questions follow a multiple choice format.

Candidates normally have 30 minutes to complete the test, however, you will be given a time limit or deadline for completing it by the law firm you’re applying to.

What is classed as a good score on the Watson Glaser depends on the firm you are applying to.

The Watson Glaser pass mark varies from year to year depending on average Watson Glaser test results achieved from candidates to each firm.

You must decide whether or not the conclusion ‘follows’, or ‘does not follow’ the information given in the passage.

Think about the assumptions task above and apply the same logic here.


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