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Then, Then, $1 for each of those, and it can go on and on until they’re all digitized! May Preston was the first woman to receive a Ph D in Philosophy in the US.The year was 1880 and the school, Cornell University. || Then, $1 for each of those, and it can go on and on until they’re all digitized! May Preston was the first woman to receive a Ph D in Philosophy in the US.The year was 1880 and the school, Cornell University. for each of those, and it can go on and on until they’re all digitized! May Preston was the first woman to receive a Ph D in Philosophy in the US.The year was 1880 and the school, Cornell University.

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I spent $65 to get Cornell to dig up and digitize May Preston’s dissertation.

If everyone puts in $1, I can (eventually…) recoup that money and put it toward digitizing the next American women philosopher’s dissertation (and/or other works).

Her dissertation – and thus the first US woman philosopher’s dissertation – was on Aesthetics.

PDF Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Ecological Succession and Land Development Along a Coastal Deltaic Floodplain Chronosequence, Anika Abena Campbell Aarons PDF Phase Estimation in Linear and Nonlinear Interferometers, Sushovit Adhikari PDF Design of Metamaterials for Optics, Abiti Adili PDF History, Politics, and Religion in the Life and Compositions of Sahba Aminikia, Sinella Aghasi Moshabad PDF Experimental and Numerical Study of Dynamic Water Control in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Younes Ahmed Alblooshi PDF Sodium Reduction Through Salt Substitute Mixtures, Visual Cues, and Salt Level Statements, and Its Effects on Consumer Perception: A Case of Barbecue Sauce, Jose Ramon Alonso Marenco PDF Multiple Voices in the Poetry of Transculturation: Reading Contemporary Ex-Phonic Poetry through Muwaššah: Ryoko Sekiguchi, Etel Adnan, and Suheir Hammad, Thana Al-Shakhs PDF An Airlifted Tidal Mesocosm for Oil Degradation Studies, Daniel Christopher Alt PDF Ukrainian Folklore Influences in the Music of Myroslav Skoryk: Historical Background and Performance Guide to Selected Violin Works, Iuliia Alyeksyeyeva PDF Insights into the Collaborative Process between Electronic Music Composers and Commissioning Saxophonists, Taylor Barbay Assad PDF The Use of Geospatial Modeling and Novel Diagnostics to Detect and Map Risk Factors of Soil-Transmitted Helminths in Feira de Santana, Brazil, Ryan Harry Avery PDF Toward the Impact of Particulate Matter on Human Health: Evaluation of Fluorescent Environmentally Persistent Free Radical (EPFR) Surrogates, Ansonia Badgett PDF Population Dynamics and Demographics of Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, Through Spatial Analysis: Towards an Integrative Management Approach, Ashley Melancon Baer PDF Modeling Melodic Dictation, David John Baker PDF Electromagnetic Sum Rules and Response Functions from the Symmetry-Adapted No-Core Shell Model, Robert Byron Baker PDF The Drosophila Neuroblasts: A Model System For Human Ribosomopathies, Sonu Shrestha Baral PDF The Tripartite Interaction Between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Rice, and Insects, Lina Bernaola Alvarado PDF Insights into the Role of Vibrio Pec S - a Mar R Bacterial Transcriptional Regulator., Nabanita Bhattacharyya PDF Genetic Analysis of Drought Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Uttam Bhattarai PDF Old School for the New School: Discussing the Importance of Motown Records in American Music History, Crystal Darcell Birdsong PDF Aristotle's Quarrel with Socrates: Friendship in Political Thought, John Boersma PDF Effective Use of Information Systems for Emergency Management: a Representation Theory Perspective, Dario Bonaretti PDF A Critical Edition of the Bachianas Brasileiras Nº2 for Piano and Cello by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Henrique Borges Gomes PDF Cost Effective, Highly Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Systems for EV Battery Charging, Amir Masoud Bozorgi PDF Rule-Governed Behavior: Teaching Essential School Readiness Skills via Rule-Following to Children with Autism, Rachel Lorraine Bradley PDF Improving the Food Safety of Louisiana Strawberry Industry, Jose L.

- The Juxtaposition of Gentle Action Theory and Traditional Ways of Knowing and Being in the Provision of Services to Native American Women Experiencing Incarceration William Oren Cox, Ph. - Exploration of the Experiences of Individuals Diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Gabrielle Donelly Torbert, Ph. - Navigating spindrifts of change: A transdiciplinary inquiry into the experiences of a scholar-praticioner Lynee M.

- The Royal Thai Scholars Program: A Case Study Harlan Gilber, Ph. - Expanding Identity: The Significance of Oikeiosis for Contemporary Ethics Jeffrey L. - Expressive Remix Therapy: Facilitating Narrative Mash-Ups Through the Use of Digital Media Annette M. - The Swiss Resonance Monochord Table: Inquiry Into the Healing Complexity and Transformational Power of Sound Christine Keating Collins, Ph. - Poem as Prismatic Self: Emily Dickinson's Mythopoeic Genius Michele Mercer Lee, Ph. - Four Mindsets of a Visual Ecology in the Workplace: Re-Visioning Language Through Visual Literacy Ann Malmuth-Onn, Ph. - Choreographer as Culture Maker: A Transdiciplinary Inquiry into Sara Levi-Tanai's Lifework Adrian Scharfetter, Ph. - Athena Awakening: A Theoretical Exploration of Cathartic Integration within Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Carol Simpson, Ph. Reconsidering the Death of Industrial Britain c.1970-1990, German Historical Institute, London, 17-18 October 2013: ‘“Death by a thousand cuts”: The steel industry and Conservative Party decline in Scotland, 1979-1992’ Can Values Make a Difference? - Collaging the Uncertain: In Search of Hermes' Metaxy Jaap Geerlof, Ph. - Window of Hope: Transformative Public Leadership in the Age of an Emerging World Order John David Gresham, Ph. - Self Directed Learning: Empowering Authentic Learner Autonomy Through Self-Agency in the Secondary School Learning Environment Irene Hauzinger, Ph. - Analyzing Prison Yoga Programming for Women Inmates: A Longitudinal Inquiry Through Mixed-Methods and Participatory Partnerships Jennifer Newton, Ph. - How Theater for Social Awareness and Social Emotional Learning Affects Public High School Students: A Narrative Inquiry John Scott, Ph. - Our Human Relationship with Water: A Narrative Exploration of Indigenous Wisdom and Critical Consciousness La'Keisha Thorpe, Ph. - Examining Human Experiences of Consumption and Transculturalism: Storytelling via Food Studies for Cultural Humility Cynthia Vale, Ph. - Autonomy and Collaboration for the Cyborg Self Integrated With Brain-to-Brain Interfaces are Dependant Upon the Development Process of Underlying Multidimensional Systems Which Reorganize the Cyborg Self Boundaries Bradley Van Alstyne, Ph. - Determining and Implementing Social Presence in College Level Online Courses Using Student Input: Theoretical Underpinnings Supporting Student Participation in Online Course Design Preston J. He has published on the impact of Margaret Thatcher’s governments on Scottish politics and the Anglo-Scottish Union, and is currently researching the relationship between the Co-op and the Labour Party.David completed his MA and Ph D at the University of Glasgow. Since joining UCLan as a postdoctoral research fellow in 2006, David has played a leading role in forging partnerships with the People’s History Museum and the UK Co-operative College in Manchester.Brandao Delgado PDF Modeling Chemical Reactivity in Aqueous and Organic Systems: From Electronic Structure Methods to Force Field Development, Caitlin Gibson Bresnahan PDF Phylogeny and Evolution of Swallows (Hirundinidae) With a Transcriptomic Perspective on Seasonal Migration, Clare Elisabeth Brown PDF Hourly Precipitation Climatology of the Southeast United States, Vincent Brown PDF Composition and Ecology of Avian Communities Along Elevational Gradients in Borneo, Ryan Christian Burner PDF An Examination of the Technical Adequacy, Classification Accuracy, and Usability of the SSIS SEL Screening/Process Monitoring Scales in Elementary School Populations, Shelby Mc Coy Byrd .PDF Evaluating the Impact of Intrusive Advising on Undergraduate Student Retention, Rebecca E.British Scholars Conference, University of Texas, 25-27 March 2010: ‘Unionism in retreat?The post-war ‘decline’ of Scottish unionism reconsidered’ Swan Songs?


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