Death Of A Salesman Analysis Essay

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While she can be taken in by Willy’s dreams and idealism, she is also much more realistic and sees through Willy’s self-delusions.

She stands by him during his final collapse in the play, but we see a sense of relief come over with Willy’s death. He has been over-shadowed by Biff his entire life and compensates for his sense of inadequacy by being sexually promiscuous and professionally ambitious.

Willy Loman The protagonist of the play, Willy is characterized by insecurities and general illusions about life.

While he seems to believe in the dream of a rise to success in business and the wealth which comes with that, these things have alluded him.

This exemplifies his liberal mid, which many sons/children do so often in families- choosing their paths other than those mapped for them by their folks.

On the other hand, the second-born son, Happy, looks at his father as a role model, and does not wish that his legacy goes down the drain after his death, and so opts to walk in his father’s shoes.The two brothers show contrasting beliefs, principles, and consequently, values.Biff, the elder son does not care much about publicity and fame built on daydreams, but rather wants to embrace and face the real situation, unlike Willy-his father and his brother Happy.The main themes in the play still ring in today’s society.The play is basically a tragic story about the many differences between a family in New York City, the difference in each one’s dreams and the harsh reality in their lives.Willy betrays a real moment of weakness when he tells Charley that he is his only friend.Bernard Charley’s son and a highly successful attorney. He represents a source of frustration for Willy because his own sons do not measure up to Bernard’s success and prestige.I will discuss how he plays the American parent who wants to manipulate and model his sons to become just like him and follow his ways as is the case in many societal settings, like for example, many join the army simply because their father’s lineage has been in the army since way back in the days of the Civil War.It will also show a different character in his son who breaks out of the tyranny and mediocre thinking to embrace the real world and live his own course.Clearly, there is a drift between the two sets of people, their values and beliefs.This paper will seek to analyze Willy’s character in the capitalism society and his borrowed values and beliefs- with great focus on the American Dream being the driving force.


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