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However, consensus at the WTO does not imply unanimity among the parties.

It does not also matter that some members might not be present10.

6 5 Strengths of the decision Making processes in IMF and World Bank ...............

7 6 Weaknesses of the decision Making processes in IMF and World Bank ........... Decision Making Process in WTO Article IX: 1 of the Agreement establishing the WTO states that each member has one vote, there allowing equal status to all members irrespective of trade shares or general economic size.6 The ensures that all members, at least formally, share an equal voice with their developed counterparts, irrespective of trade shares.7. First, in cases of interpretation of the agreements, the decision is to be taken majority of the members at the levels of the Ministerial Conference and General Council (Article IX: 2).

It involves the adoption of a decision with no objection (nobody votes formally against), vote not held. E.) WORKING PAPERS, Oxford University SOUTH CENTRE.

contrast, in everyone has to vote and agree, and if even one person says no then it happen. 7 8 9 Ibid Ibid Foot Note 1 of the WTO Agreement 10 11 M e m o r y D u b e, Supra note 2, P17. 12 Victoria University of Wellington (2010), International Trade Law Lecture available at (accessed on 5 December, 2018).

Unanimity requires a positive vote Also Geoff Berridge has defined consensus decision making as attempt to achieve an agreement of all the participants in a multilateral conference without 6 Amrita Narlikar (2001) , and Developing AGENDA, DEVELOPMENT AND EQUITY (T. 2 the need for a vote and its inevitable other words, it is an agreement of all taken unanimously means other than voting13.

The informal meetings especially the green room meetings in which a small subset of member countries, involved in a particular aspect of multilateral trade negotiations (MTN), takes part14 are also additional features of the WTO decision making processes.

However, amendments to the provisions on amendments and i.e.

Article IX of the Agreement establishing the WTO, Articles I and II of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1994, Article II:1 of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and Article IV of the Agreement of TRIPs require acceptance all members i.e. Besides, Article IX: 1 of the WTO Agreement states that WTO shall continue the practice of consensus followed under GATT Consensus is defined in the following terms body concerned shall be deemed to have decided consensus on a matter submitted for its consideration, if no Member, present at the meeting when the decision is formally taken, formally objects to the proposed 9.


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