Declaration Independence Analysis Essay

Declaration Independence Analysis Essay-82
The texts speak a message that attacks oppression and injustice, while upholding the right to freedom and equality for all men.The question was that which writing was more effective.

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It was a cause that stood against injustice, oppression, and sought the freedom of all men.

Their beliefs and struggles were evident in their writings.

King was able to use his humble approach and his comparisons to other men and organizations, to gain a worldwide audience in order to advance their causes.

For example, Jefferson was able to rally support from the colonists and sympathy from other countries by placing the blame on King George.

Although their cause was the same, their tactics and audience differed.

Jefferson was able to use his claim of tyranny against the king, and Dr.However, the Declaration was only targeted to the audience that would be critical in helping the colonies gain their independence.For instance, the slaves were left out because slavery was still a popular way of life.They have even transcended their time and have been referenced throughout history. King even mentions Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration in the Birmingham letter, which adds strength to his argument to the clergymen. King reference to Thomas Jefferson adds strength to his argument because Jefferson is the author of the document that officially claimed America’s independence, and in that document, Jefferson states that all men are created equal (531).They may have been written in different times, but both texts speak the same message.Two of the most famous writings in particular are “Declaration of Independence” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.Both writings are very effective and successful in reaching out to their intended audience.On the other hand, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” immediately reached out to all men.This is mainly due to the more advanced technology during Dr. He used this stage to draw support from various sources by identifying with honorable men of various cultures and their ideals throughout history, as well as by distancing himself from several negative movements of his era that fought for the same cause. King identified with such men as Socrates, Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Abraham Lincoln, and even Thomas Jefferson (530-531).Shortly after the events of the Boston Tea Party, the king argued before Parliament that England's leniency led to acts of disgraceful insubordination. The purpose of the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence was to inform the British Parliament and King George III of the intentions of all thirteen American colonies to separate from English rule.Shortly after the events of the Boston Tea Party, the king argued before Parliament that England's leniency led to acts of disgraceful insubordination.


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