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In his attempt to bear witness to the horrors of the Nazis’ attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, Primo Levi, a Jewish-Italian chemist, writer and Holocaust survivor provides his own personal testimony of his experience in the Auschwitz concentration camp in the form of his memoirs, If This Is a Man.In these memoirs, Levi not only exposes the actions of the Nazi’s in the Holocaust and their demonstration of dehumanization, he goes beyond retelling his story and seeks to consider and analyze the power of the human condition in all of it’s extremes.People sometimes fought each other for extra rations and later on during the Holocaust, killed each other.

As the so-called “Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” of the Nazi party, Josef Goebbels created a negative image of the Jewish people and blamed them for the economic and social problems of Germany and the world.

With the intention of dehumanizing the Jews and naming them as an inferior race, Nazi propaganda successfully created widespread anti-Semitism which lay down the foundation to eliminate the rights and freedom of the Jews.

Among the many unanswered questions regarding to the Holocaust is the question of why the Nazi’s went to so much trouble to dehumanize the Jews if their main goal was to kill them and eradicate the Jewish race.

In the case of the Jews in the Holocaust, it is believed that the main purpose of dehumanizing the Jews was to help the Nazi’s, and not necessarily to torture the Jews.

However, one of the most extreme efforts at dehumanizing the Jews was through the various experiments done by the Nazi’s.

Some of these experiments included: sun lamp, internal irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat and freezing/hypothermia.In the form of art work, posters, films and books, the Nazi’s preached that the Jews must be excluded from society, resulting in prevalent ridicule, violence, humiliation, persecution and an ultimate sense of dehumanization for the Jews, setting the stage for a mass genocide.To dehumanize means to treat someone like an animal or to encourage him or her to behave like an animal, to take away all the good human qualities such as friendship, trust, and kindness.During the Holocaust, The Nazi’s employed numerous techniques of dehumanizing their captives which forced the Jews to endure treacherous conditions.One of these techniques is demonstrated in the way that the Jews were conveyed in cattle cars to the concentration camps.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.They were forced to work all day with no breaks and were beaten if they stopped.In doing so, the Nazi’s treated the Jews as animals in the true sense of dehumanization.Dehumanization is defined as a psychological process whereby members of a group of people assert the inferiority of another group.Opponents view each other as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration, and are treated as less than humans through subtle or overt acts or statements.


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