Develop A Research Paper Proposal

In this way, Research proposal is a blue print of the study which simply outlines the steps that researcher will undertake during the conduct of his/her study.Proposal is a tentative plan so the researcher has every right to modify his proposal on the basis of his reading, discussion and experiences gathered in the process of research.

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Even with this relaxation available to the researcher, writing of research proposal is a must for the researcher.

Writing the research proposal is very important before actual conducting of any research.

It is always a good idea to generate all possible research questions and than choose the best one.

The best one can be selected looking into : your own interest, skills and ability, available time, financial support and equipment, and most important is the significance of the selected problem.

Research proposal is a --------- (i) --------- of the study by which you can demonstrate your understanding of research and communicate your actions in a ---(ii)---- & ---(iii)---- way to others. The first component of a research proposal is -----------/ ----------- of the study. The last part of the proposal consists of ---------------/ ------------------.

Selecting a suitable topic and stating it, is the first thing that a researcher does in beginning. Selecting a suitable topic require a clear research question and current significance.Researcher gets research questions from many different places such as from existing theory, previous research, practical experiences, personal interest etc.A vast reading is always helpful in generating a good research question.By : Ummed Singh Chapter Outline 2.0 Introduction 2.1 Objectives 2.2 What is Research Proposal?2.2.1 Importance of a proposal before conducting a research 2.2.2 Main components of a research proposal 2.3 Selecting a suitable topic for research 2.4 Preparing Background for the problem 2.5 Searching relevant literature and researches 2.6 Statement of the Problem 2.7 Operational definitions 2.8 Research objectives 2.9 Research hypotheses or questions of the study 2.10 Research design 2.11 Population and sample 2.12 Designing reliable and valid research tools 2.13 Data collection 2.14 Selecting suitable statistical techniques for data analysis 2.15 Time line for research 2.16 Details about cost estimate and budget 2.17 Styles of writing references 2.18 Let’s sum up 2.19 Further reading and references 2.20 Answers to Self-Assessment Questions In the previous unit you studied about the nature, concept and types of educational research and the characteristics of scientific inquiry.In short, through research proposal researcher wants to convince the other peoples (reader or audience) regarding selected problem.There are no hard and fast rules governing the structure or components of a proposal.Research proposal is a specific kind of document written for a specific purpose.Research involves a series of actions and therefore it presents all actions in a systematic and scientific way.To conduct any type of research, it is very important to know how to develop a research proposal.You know that the research is a fact finding activity.


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